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Build your Forever Home

Many of you may remember the day you moved in to the first home you ever purchased. It didn’t matter that it needed paint, or that the bathroom door didn’t really work quite right. What mattered was that it was yours. Yours to dream of your future in. Yours to watch your family grow up in. And yes, yours to pay for and fix every time something broke. As enjoyable as that experience was, it pales in comparison to the feeling of building your dream home. From finding the land with exactly the right trees, and the sun setting out the right window, to designing the perfect floorplan and then choosing every piece of wood, marble and metal that makes it your own…building a home can be incredibly rewarding.

Construction financing can help you realize this dream. It can provide for the land purchase, through the construction phase and then a permanent 30 year mortgage to keep the payments comfortable. You can add in the pool, the outdoor kitchen, the barn or the studio, and maybe even a small apartment for your mother-in-law at the very, very, far, far back corner of your property (close enough for the kids to run to, but not too close).

A construction loan can help tear down an old home and build a new one in its place. It can build a second home by that lake you both love, or maybe a duplex that the kids can use at college. It can provide the funds to realize your life-long dream. If you have looked for the perfect home, in the perfect school district with exactly the backyard you have always envisioned and you haven’t been able to find it…consider taking a look at building your dream. Ask a mortgage professional about the right way to finance your forever home.

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